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Radon Testing For Day Care Centers

Frequently asked questions

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    Can Anyone Test Daycare facilities for Radon?
    NO - Daycare facilities must be tested by a Licensed professional with a special license to conduct SCHOOL/COMMERCIAL testing. If your tester is not commercially licensed, your test may be invalidated by DCFS and/or IEMA.
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    How many test devices are needed?
    Every regularly occupied room must be tested plus an additional 10% for quality control. If your tester uses any fewer devices, your test will be invalidated by the State.
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    Why should you not perform the test on the weekend?
    State Protocols require the test be conducted during normal HVAC operation. When your HVAC is cycled down over the weekend, or when there is no movement in the building, radon levels can spike.
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    Do Windows and doors need to be closed 12 hours before and during the test?
    Yes - State protocol requires windows remain closed for the duration of the test and doors remain closed except for normal exit/entry. This “closed building condition” must be maintained for 12 hours prior to the start of a 2-day test.
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    Can you test during a period of high winds or severe weather?
    A 2-day test cannot be conducted during periods of high winds and/or severe weather. If severe weather or high winds occur during the test, the law requires a 4-day test. This will minimize the impact of radon spikes and false readings. .
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